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Emily has worked on numerous kitchen remodels and has personal experience with her own homes on how to make the most of your budget. She always begins with you budget to be realistic with what you can afford and do. If you are looking to gut your kitchen and start over, she can provide CAD drawings of your space to get you started, or she may simply suggest it needs paint and architectural finishes to make the most of the cabinet layout you already have. She can make your design aesthetic and desire come to life. Designing your kitchen is about what feels and looks like home to you, not her. She will spend lots of time asking you about how you use your kitchen and does not make assumptions that everyone is the same with how they use it. The kitchen is truly the heart of the home, and as the mother of three, Emily knows how crucial it is to not only look good, but function well too. With over a decade of design experience, she can also coach you on which finishes will wear best for the long haul. Being sure that your kitchen flows well with the rest of your home is also a priority for Emily, so including a new color design for the entire home may be of the most benefit. If the rest of the home feels complete, Emily knows how to make the kitchen feel like an extension of that. She always begins with right where you are!